Anthony Mayfield


Anthony Mayfield is an avid writer and author. Born in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, the third of six children, and the oldest boy, Anthony was introduced to Christianity at an early age. Going to Bible study, Sunday School, and church was a weekly, non-negotiable thing. As a result, it had a tremendous impact on him, and it shaped the direction of his life and gave him a deep desire to express his love for God through writing.

Anthony is the author of Alexander Anthony Finds A Great Love. It's the story of a young boy who discovers the greatest love of all - Jesus. Bible stories coupled with an overactive imagination played a key role in his love for writing.  Anthony began writing creatively almost as soon as he was able to pick up a pencil and write his first words as an elementary school-aged child. He has written numerous poems, stories, plays, and a soap opera.

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Alexander Anthony Finds A Great Love

Alexander Anthony Finds A Great Love is a book about a little boy's adventures to discover the greatest love of all. Anthony Mayfield's Alexander Anthony Finds A Great Love is now featured on Babbie's House On The Radio. 

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