Fully Qualified: Take Action
Insights From Babbie's Book, Fully Qualified


You should know by now that I am a cheerleader for the aspiring songwriter, the independent artist and self published author. If you fit in that category, then I want to champion you and spur you on toward excellence. Here's something to remember. Don't fall prey to the myth that once you achieve a certain level of ability you can rest there. Resting there only sets you up for mediocrity. After writing hundreds of songs and performing on some of the world's greatest stages, I still believe my best song has yet to be written and my best performance is my next performance. You have gifts and talents even now that are lying dormant. Your potential and capacity for knowledge and experiences are never ending. So keep your heart and mind open for God to give you that next great idea. Keep in mind this important principle I have learned. Good enough is never good enough. Follow God's plan and follow your dreams!

EMBRACED BY GOD: A Time To Remember
A Tribute to My Father