FULLY QUALIFIED: You Have Potential
Insights From Babbie's Book, Fully Qualified


Did you know that God has given you everything you need to fulfill your God-given assignment? Open your Bible and read Ephesians 3:20. God’s power is at work within you at this very moment. Because of all God has entrusted, you have a responsibility to equip and prepare yourself for that assignment. You must get in alignment with God’s assignment. What must you do to get in alignment with God’s assignment? Whatever it takes. Go back to school. Start the business. Launch your podcast. Create your website. Hone your songwriting skills. Finish your book. Do whatever it takes to bring the assignment to pass. Why? Because someone needs to hear your story. Someone needs a lifeline that your song will deliver. Someone needs to read your book or listen to your podcast. Ultimately God will receive glory.

You must give God something to work with. What do you have in your hand right now? An idea, a book, a business, an invention, a product? Don’t let your excuses keep you from realizing your possibilities. Time is out for excuses or 101 reasons why you can’t do it. Remember, you’re not too old or too young. You’re not maxed out. You haven’t missed your moment. Your moment is waiting on you.

Fully Qualified: Here On Purpose
Insights From Babbie's Book, Fully Qualified