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Mary Witherspoon is a gospel singer who has sung across the United States as a soloist and a member of different gospel groups. She is the grand prize winner of the Babbie Mason Music Conference International 2005 and the GMA Academy Spotlight Winner 2005 for the Contemporary Christian Vocal Solo category. She is also the author of, Are You My Friend, a practical book that helps assess your situation and consider how to be a better friend to other people. 

Mary Douglas-Witherspoon is the fifth of eight siblings, a widowed mother of one son and three grandchildren. She was born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York. Mary lived in East Orange, New Jersey, and New York City for several years before returning home to Niagara Falls. After 30 years of working as a police dispatcher for the Niagara Falls, New York Police Department, she retired. 

Currently, Mary is the worship leader at her church and ministers the Word when called upon. In her travels, she has met all types of people from various backgrounds and cultures and is passionate about friendships and developing good relationships in every aspect of life. Her focus is to share the love of God by being kind and expressing gratitude. 

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Are You My Friend

Mary Witherspoon's book, Are You My Friend is featured on Babbie Mason Radio. Listen live to Babbie's House on the Radio to hear her inspiration behind the book.

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