Scott Rankin


Scott Rankin is a gifted educator and effective public speaker. His ability to take complex subject matter, break it into bite-size pieces, and re-assemble those through simple, logical and enjoyable teaching techniques makes his material easy to understand and hard to forget! The author of The Christian Christmas Condition, Scott urges readers to renew their minds and focus more on God than holiday traditions. He says that Christians should try to be more Christ-like in how they act and think year-round.

In 2009, he was injured in a bicycle accident where he was instantly paralyzed. Today as a healing quadriplegic, Scott's passion for teaching has been re-focused from music to writing Christian books and public speaking.

Scott Rankin graduated with a degree in music education and spent his 20's and 30's as a successful music director, visual designer for marching groups, and a professional clinician for high school and college music programs. Buy and Read The Christian Christmas Condition on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, Audible and Apple Books.



The Christian Christmas Condition

Scott Rankin discusses his book The Christian Christmas Condition on Babbie's House On The Radio. Rankin takes a new and refreshing look by encouraging Christians of all ages to examine Christmas-time traditions from God's perspective.