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Pastor Terrance Levise Turner, MBA is the founder and president of Well Spoken Inc., a media company in Nashville, Tennessee. He is an accomplished singer, songwriter and recording artist. Terrance and his wife, Avis, sing and minister together as a dynamic duo for Christ.

Pastor Turner was ordained into the ministry in 2009 and leads a thriving church in Nashville, Tennessee where he serves with his wife, Avis. A master motivator and one who believes everyone has a purpose, he inspires others to become their absolute best for the kingdom of God. In his books, messages and daily radio features, Pastor Turner challenges believers to abandon a nominal faith, stepping outside the bounds to boldly declare one's faith in Christ. Pastor Turner has authored several books, including the Distinguished Wisdom Presents . . . Living Proverbs series, Distinguished Wisdom Presents . . . Gain 20/20 Vision For The New Decade! A Step By Step Path To A More Successful Future, Distinguished Wisdom Presents . . . Your Wealth Is In Your Anointing: Discover Keys To Releasing Your Potential, Distinguished Wisdom Presents . . . The Dynamic Victory Confession: Powerful Confessions For A Victorious Life, and a children’s book entitled The Earth Is Sad, Little Timmy. His daily blog and books are available at

Terrance is a graduate of Tennessee State University, with a MBA in Finance & Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor of Speech Communication and Theater (Mass Media). Currently, Pastor Turner and his wife, Avis, live in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Terrance Turner Owner and President Faith Country Productions


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Distinguished Wisdom Presents . . . Gain 20/20 Vision For The New Decade! A Step By Step Path To A More Successful Future

Pastor Terrance Levise Turner's "Gain 20/20 Vision For The New Decade!" is featured on Babbie Mason Radio. Pastor Turner's interview discusses his latest release. In the novel, Pastor Turner provides the reader hope for the new decade through Biblical wisdom. Don't miss out on this powerful interview!

Interview airs Wednesdays at 5am, 9am, 5pm and 9pm on Babbie's House On The Radio.

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