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Vassie Barrett is a wife, mother, encourager, sister, friend, intercessor, writer, and minister of the gospel. Vassie Gorham Barrett is a native of Bertie County and was born and raised in Roxobel, North Carolina. She is the daughter of the late Hermond and Mary Gorham.

She moved to Greenville in 1984 to find employment and enjoy what she thought she had been missing while living under her parents' godly upbringing. God, however, had His plan for Vassie. On January 3, 1984, while sitting at a stop light in Ayden, North Carolina, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

Vassie received and accepted the call into ministry in 1998. She is a member of Lion of Judah Community Church, where she serves as Associate Pastor under the leadership of Pastor Jerome and Pastor Dawn Branch.

Vassie is a witness to the power of prayer and the Word of God; her sister was healed of lupus, and her son was healed of a heart condition.

She is a 1983 graduate of Bertie Sr. High School in Windsor, North Carolina, and a 2021 graduate of Pitt Community College with a degree in Business Administration. Vassie believes that her greatest ministry is to her husband, Edward Barrett, and their three sons, Isaac, Samuel, and David. Vassie aims to use everything God has invested in her to make a difference in someone else's life.

Father, I Pray is a collection of prayers. These prayers are neither soulish nor surface but are Spirit-led prayers for the sole purpose of getting to the root of our issues. These prayers are scripturally sound and as such, the author believes they are a catalyst for the healing of the soul and peace for the troubled mind. 

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Father, I Pray

Vassie Barrett's Father, I Pray is now featured on Babbie Mason Radio. Stay tuned for her inspiring interview with Babbie Mason! 

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